Magic 55° Vacuum Thermos™

Magically change the water temperature to 55°.

From boiling 100° to 55° in 1 minute or from cold water to 55° in 1 minute!


Product features:

- Magic 55° Vacuum Thermos™ needs No Battery, No Electricity to function

- Just shake to lower the drink temperature to 55 Degrees (literally mid warm) 

- Lightweight & Premium quality

- A must have for Coffee lover of Tea lover!

- Extremely useful for parents with a baby as it can lower milk temperature to 55 degrees in 1 minute. 

- 1 year warranty 

Two ways to magical change the water temperature to 55 degree! 
1) Fill the thermos with Boiling hot 100 degrees water, shake for 1 minute, it will magically change the water temperature to 55 Degrees

2) Pour the cold/room temperature water into the flask, shake for 1 minute, the cold water/room temperature water will turn mid warm water! 

Product SpecificationsSize : 76.2x221mm
Litre : 280ml
Weight : 450g
Made of food grade Stainless steel
Warranty: 1 year



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